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Unlimited sites

Indefinite term

One-time pay

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3 sites

3 years term

One-time pay


1 site

2 years term

One-time pay

Guaranteed payment security: 

The payment is made on the PayPal website.


Credit / Debit Card
You can buy it on your phone.

No virus or any malware:

Software and website are checked by

  1. Google Malware Checker
  2. MetaDefender including 43 anti-virus engines
  3. Virustotal including 70 anti-virus and malware engines

You can also confirm with these 3 free online tools in 10 seconds by clicking them. They include the main famous anti-virus software.

Local anti-virus software used:

  1. Symantec Norton
  2. Kaspersky
  3. Microsoft defender
  4. Avira