Unbelievable Image Optimizer compresses jpg again up to 4-7 times (or even higher), with no visible or almost invisible quality loss.

♥  Maintains jpg compatibility, and the use of images is not affected. The image resolution is unchanged. For Windows.

♥  Version 3.0 supports transparent png. PNG can be significantly compressed to png again.

♥  Images can be compressed to jpg2000 images. The compression ratio can be higher than jpg optimization.

♥  Can compress jpg, jpeg, gif, pcx, bmp images to jpg or jpeg2000

How does an Unbelievable Image Optimizer achieve this?

     Unbelievable Image Optimizer imitates the processing and characteristics of the human visual system, simulating the subjective vision formed by each different input image, and based on the above analysis, selects a large number of unique dedicated algorithms accumulated in the professional image compression experience for 25 years to get the maximum compression and maintain image quality.




New 3.0 released, support png, Gif, Pcx, Bmp and Jpeg2000


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the image quality change?

There is almost no change in image quality, almost invisible visually, and it is difficult to observe changes. In a large number of various applications, in the actual test, it does not affect the clearness of the image or use.

Is image compression lossless or lossless?

In actual use, in fact, after a lot of various practices, lossy compression is the best choice in most cases, because the compression ratio is very high, and the image quality loss is very small, almost invisible, if it is lossless compression, improvement of the compression ratio is very limited and little significance.

Does it affect the use of jpg?

Jpeg or jpg is supported everywhere: it is the most extensive format. The use of other software or websites will not be affected, and the use of software images on any device, such as PC and mobile will not be affected.

Is it safe and reliable?

Massive images have been processed, and many software have been tested.

No virus or any malware:

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  3. Virustotal including 70 anti-virus and malware engines

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Local anti-virus software used:

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