1. Unbelievable Image Optimizer vs. JPEGmini

♥  Price

JPEGmini is $59,

Unbelievable Image Optimizer is only $4.99 in vigorous a promotion.

♥  Compression ratio

JPEGmini is 4.3x,

Unbelievable Image Optimizer is 7x.

Details of the test.

♥  Feature:

JPEGmini: Only jpg and heic can be compressed.

Unbelievable Image Optimizer: can compress jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pcx, bmp and supports transparent png.

Unbelievable Image Optimizer can output jpeg2000, which can provide higher compression than jpg.

2. Compression ratio comparison

Test image: original size 624 KB

 Image optimizer                          ORIGINAL size         optimized size       compression

Unbelievable Image Optimizer    624 KB                89 KB                   7.0x                                       624 KB              252 KB                   2.5x 

JPEGmini                                      624 KB              144 KB                   4.3x

TinyPNG,TinyJPG                         624 KB              149 KB                   4.2x

optimizer           size  compression

Unbelievable     89 KB          7.0x         252 KB          2.5x 

JPEGmini        144 KB          4.3x

TinyPNG         149 KB           4.2x 

3. Compression speed

     Because only Unbelievable Image Optimizer and JPEGmini are local batch compression, the others are online compression, Unbelievable Image Optimizer and JPEGmini are very fast, and the other speeds are obviously slow.  

Unbelievable Image Optimizer is the only batch processing,  high-compression, high-speed, reliable, cheap software.




New 3.0 released, support png, Gif, Pcx, Bmp and Jpeg2000


$39, $4.99

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One-time pay, much cheaper than other Product or SAAS.

Payment is made on the PayPal website.